Angomon Kumo

Official Litepaper 1.0 (updated August 8th 2022)
  • 1. Introduction

  • 2. Delivery

  • 3. Utility

  • 4. Kumo Portal

  • 5. Brand collaborations

  • 6. Future updates

1. Introduction

As it stands, clothing brands looking to step into Web3/NFTs have no low-threshold way of doing so. They have to either arrange a custom deal with an existing NFT project or launch their own project. Both of which are resource intensive, especially for brands of smaller scale.

From the beginning of the Angomon project, we’ve thought that Angomon are the perfect Web3 mannequins for established and emerging brands alike: it’s cute, simple, aesthetic, and born and raised in Web3. Yet we had no meaningful and easy way of onboarding brands. Sure, 1/1 Angomon could be used for onboarding, but only to a certain extent until it becomes dilutive to the original collection.

Thus, Kumo was born. The same familiar character, re-engineered to suit all different designs better (we made the limbs a little longer and added a neck), and accompanied the most crucial feature we’ve developed: customizable attributes. Attributes that can be changed, allowing the Kumo Angomon to serve as the Web3 mannequin simply and efficiently.

2. Delivery

You can acquire a Kumo Angomon in the following ways:
A. Mint
B. Delivery to Genesis holders*

*The details of the delivery to Genesis holders are still undecided. The two main methods we’re considering are swap and airdrop. The Kumo : Genesis ratio is also tentative. We will add the details in the next iteration of the Litepaper.

3. Utility
3.1. Customizable clothing

You can customize the clothes of your Angomon with clothing from partnered brands. Customizations will be available by attribute, meaning that if your Angomon is wearing a hoodie, you can buy hoodie customizations for your Angomon. Vise versa, you cannot purchase t-shirt customizations for your Angomon wearing a hoodie.


Customizations are only visual and do not affect the rarity of your NFT in any way — it does change the picture of the NFT but not the metadata.

Customizations are bought and sold through the Kumo Portal; see 4. Kumo Portal for more information.

3.2. Angoverse

Like Genesis Angomon, Kumo Angomon can also eventually be used as avatars inside the Angoverse, our social metaverse.

4. Kumo Portal

Kumo Portal is the hub for all things Kumo, and the primary use case is for customizing your Kumo Angomon. Some customization possibilities will be very limited in availability (=rare), while others are more accessible for everybody. Customizations can range from special colors and added details to logos planted on garments.

4.1. For Kumo holders

Through the Kumo Portal, Kumo holders can buy exclusive clothing customizations for their Kumo Angomon to wear. Kumo holders can also benefit from holding other projects’ NFTs to obtain project-exclusive collaboration pieces.

4.2. For Genesis holders

While Genesis Angomon makes getting a Kumo easier, it also makes customizing more interesting. Genesis holders will get limited edition drops, and selected Genesis attributes can eventually become available to be imported to a Kumo Angomon.

4.3. For designers

Kumo Portal also offers a platform for designers to submit their designs and get a portion of the fees generated through selling their designs. We will be opening design submissions soon.

4.4. For other NFT projects

We will be taking in submissions for project/DAO-specific customizations, say it be a hoodie with a logo of your favorite DAO that only the holders of that project can get for a small amount of your utility token or another small fee.

4.5. Fees

There will be a small customization fee for most of the customizations in the Kumo Portal to prevent spam customizations and to generate revenue for the platform and creators of the designs. The cost will depend on the rarity of the piece, but the ballpark for a standard add-on will be only a few $ to start with.

5. Brand collaborations

Kumo is the perfect platform for brand collaborations. Brands can drop limited-edition customizations for Kumo clothing through Kumo Portal to show their designs and generate revenue through the fees.

6. Future updates

We’re planning to roll out the customization functionality immediately after mint.

Post mint, we’re planning to add increased freedom of customizability by introducing the Look Booth.